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WebMedia is a digital ad network that delivers premium advertising solutions for brands and publishers. Our platform provides our advertisers with real time bidding and a transparent supply. For our media partners, More »

How Became the Russian Leader in Native in Russia?

What is the state of native advertising in Russia? How do you engage an audience in native advertising? How do you build a business on native advertising? More »

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How to take advantage of Facebook Video’s creative opportunities

Video ads on Facebook are different from the ones we knew on TV, and they also lead to a different behaviour from the audience.Moreover, users have a shorter attention span when using More »

Web Media has become a leading partner of #Yahoo Gemini platform on the Russian market!

Despite the huge competition on the Russian market, Yahoo has     obvious advantages. Yahoo knows far too well its audience (Flurry, Viber, Tumblr, etc.)  Provides a low-cost CPC, CPCV and optimize the advertising More »


Webmedia Group and ad agency Unilead announce their merger!

Mobile Advertisong

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Video Advertising (Thanamat & Stockimages)


How to YouTube: 3 Ground Rules for Native & Paid Advertising


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Webmedia Group” builds several digital advertising companies including Webmedia - digital global ad network ( The company operates in the video advertising business for almost 10 years. WebMedia manage a publisher’s ad network that built from more than 1500 pubs and has active relationships with more than 120 demand clients and partners.

Second business division is mobile ad network Mobupps ( ). Mobupps company operates an ad network which includes direct app-publishers and sites, a DSP integrated with the biggest ad-exchanges and a mobile marketing agency which cover most of the mobile market. Mobupps focused marketing solution that supply execution of mobile campaigns by leveraging video, social, native and display to reach most valuable users for every client out there

In 2017 “Webmedia Group” decided to invest in the video ad tech business and mobile technology.

Shimunov Radik, CEO of WebMedia : “Today, our strategy is aimed to active investing in interesting projects for development of our business, which will allow us to take the leading positions in our market”

Several weeks ago “WebMedia Group” acquired the Israeli video ad network – Amonetize ( Amonetize is a digital advertising and monetization company which provides the advertisers multi-screen messaging, leveraging display, mobile, social and video advertising at scale.

From the 1st of October, Amonetize company officially became a part of “Webmedia Group” and was re-branded as Unimedia company, based in Israel and Ukraine .

Yaron Tomchin, Deputy CEO of Webmedia: «In 2017 digital video advertisement has grown by approximately 25% to more than $13B. In 2018, it is expected to surpass that and further grow 50 percent more to close to $18 billion. In today’s multi-screen world, digital video has emerged as a must-have strategy for creating deeper connections with consumers across platform. We see a great prospect in the development of video direction!”

The second acquisition of Webmedia Group was the Mobligo technology – mobile ad server that will enable us supply more efficient monetization for direct publishers and better user acquisition options for our advertisers all this by provide precise targeting, faster optimization and flexibility that comes with in house technology

Shimunov Radik, CEO of WebMedia “The company performs next evolutionary leap. As a global growth strategy WebMedia plans to continue investing more than $ 5 million in other networks and their technology during the nearest future. Priority for investment will be projects for the development of ad server, technologies for optimizing video advertising, collecting data about users and etc.

“WebMedia Group” step into the M&A on the adtech! Acquisition of 2 companies.


Dmexco is coming!


Report: Native ad buying surges 74%, programmatic slips 12%


What are the most important best practices for native video?

Best Practices for Native Video

Photo taken from: Robert, Flickr

How does Germany’s biggest newspaper work with native advertising? Robert Heesen, Head of BILD Brand Studio Consulting, explains.

How BILD Works with Native Advertising


WebMedia is a digital ad network that delivers premium advertising solutions for brands and publishers. Our platform provides our advertisers with real time bidding and a transparent supply. For our media partners, we provide the ability to reach the highest revenues for each impression by powerful optimization tools and high quality demand. Our focus is to provide our clients with maximum value for their digital marketing goals, the best match between the advertisers and our media partners all in a brand-safe environment for both sides.

Meet with our news presentations for advertisers and publishers