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Interesting data brought by has revealed that video advertising and social advertising are gaining power in terms of digital ad spending in the US. Video ad spending share was 17.7% in 2015 in the US, and expected to reach 19.7% in 2016. According to the predictions, the video field is expected to be the fastest-growing category on desktop and mobile from this year through 2020.

The Video Advertising Growth: CTRs, Prices and Ad Products


An interesting interview with Justin Choi, CEO of native advertising platform Nativo, was published in eMarketer website. The interview dealt with native ads – trends, processes and changes in recent years and expected changes in 2016.

Native Ads – Future Trends


2015 was the greatest year of video advertising – a significant growth has occurred and therefore, the expections for 2016 are naturally high, in terms of the popularity and revenues from video ads.

Will Search and Display Ads Rates become Lower Soon?


2016 gets underway and as you have already read, it is time for analysts to give their forecasts in the digital advertising field. In WMADV-Webmedia, we came across interesting forecasts and almost every one of them mentioned the growing of video advertising.

Digital Video Ads in 2016

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2015 is almost over and it was very significant year in the field of online advertising. It is a good time for conclusions of the past year and forecastes for 2016. In recent years, we saw many industries moving their advertising budgets to display and mobile advertising, instead of the traditional TV, radio and newspaper advertising.

Display Advertising – Conclusion of 2015 and Forecast for 2016


AOL annual State of the Video Industry report published last month, shows interesting data about video advertising all over the US. The bottom line is that more and more marketers, prefer to shift their advertising budgets from the traditional platforms to digital video.

AOL’s Video Industry Report – Stats and Conclusions


Every ad network knows: One of the most significant challenges that ad networks and advertising companies face is ad-blocking software on websites. In fact, the websites can not exist without ads and banners (their ‘advertising space’), but users do not always like to see too many ads while browsing.

How to Deal with Ad Blocking on Websites?


One of the Social Media Advertising strategies, is frequent ad rotations, as written in many ‘guides’ in this field. Today, social media advertising has become a ‘necessity’ for many companies and professionals, and therefore there need for certain guidelines.

Frequent Ad Rotations in Social Media Advertising – Right or Wrong?


Recently we read some tips in order to maximize display-ad budjet in website. The tips were written because according to the writer’s experience, billions of dollars are wasted every year as a result of mistakes and ‘problematic’ advertising methods. The article gives five tips, and we will focus three of them.

How Can You Maximize Your Display-Ad Budget

Unviewable Ads - WMADV (Stockimages)

Recently, website published an article based on a research, that deals with the viewability of ads served in the UK. According to the second quarter of 2015. only 49% of UK online ads were considered as viewable – according to a special definition made by Internet Advertising Bureau and Media Ratings Council.

Unviewable Ads – The Challenge for Ad Networks