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Webmedia - Sony's Case

Is the copywriting of banner ad so important? Well, it is a very important parameter, as Sony’s experience will tell. The company didn’t achieve its desired convertion rate and decided to test either personalized or promotional ad would convert better.

Personalized or Promotional Banner – Which Converts Better?

WMADV - Social media advertising

The traditional advertising (television, print media and magazines) generates only 18% of ROI. Social Media Advertising almost doubled the marketing leads of the common internet advertising known to everybody today – direct mails, telemarketing and PPC. This information and more interesting data is brought in this video created by “PuTTin’ OuT”.

Why is Social Media Advertising is Good for You?

WMADV - Mobile Year

In this nice video, there is a summary of the “2014 mobile year”. On 2014, the mobile screens became larger and smarter, and it has affected the consumers that use them on a daily basis. Moreover, Global mobile data traffic grew on 2014 by 81%.

Sumarry of 2014 – the “Mobile Year”

WMADV - Visual content is one of the trends

This nice video of WSI shows mobile marketing trends from recent years. One of the trends is using more and more visual conent, instead of text. Visual content is considered more esthetic in comparison to text, when viewing it by mobile device. Therefore, the video recommends to be creative with the visual content to mobile users.

How Can Mobile Marketing Trends Help You?


Mobile marketing helps generating buzz about products and services. Today, almost everyone has a mobile phone and it is a great device to use in order to advertise. According to the video, an interesting data is that massages sent to a mobile phone are more likely to be read than email. Moreover, on 2014, the mobile phones are expected to overtake PCs for web access.

Interesting Data About Mobile Ads Worldwide


In this great video of DigitalMarketer, you can watch examples of native advertising. First, The native ads are divided into three types: In-Feed/Social, Recommended content and Paid inclusion.

This lecture shows that the original in-feed native ad was on Google – by Google Adwords. This advertising is more and more common in Facebook and Twitter. Youtube is also going native by having sponsered videos. If someone searches for a particular phrase in Youtube, your video can be displayed first – and it seems really native. Later, the lecture shows examples of recommended content and paid inclusion ads.

Watch: How is Native Advertising Look Like?


A recent study made by Outbrain Found interesting facts about CTR data, comparing written content to video content. The study found that there are very significant differences in CTR, arising from, inter alia, the types of user devices (desktop computer, tablet or smartphone).

For example, the CTR for articles on smartphones is 34 percent higher compared to desktop CTR. We recommend you to read this interesting infographic.

Interesting Facts about Smartphones CTR Compared to Desktop


Here is a great infographic viedo that examine how online behavioural advertising works, made by the Internet Advertising Bureau. First, the video explain that online advertising funds content and services.

The video also explains the principle behind behavioural advertising – focusing the audience that is interested in the products or services that the advertiser offers, by cookie files. These cookies are based on searches that the user did and websites he visited. This, enables the advertiser to select a specific audience.

Watch: Behavioural Advertising – How does it Work?