How to take advantage of Facebook Video’s creative opportunities

Video ads on Facebook are different from the ones we knew on TV, and they also lead to a different behaviour from the audience.Moreover, users have a shorter attention span when using their mobile devices, which also requires a different perspective when creating a video.This creates the need for brands to adjust their content when they have to transfer their message from TV and traditional marketing to social media.

Adjusting content for Facebook videos

Facebook’s Creative Shop aims to help brands understand what makes an effective Facebook video and how they can make their message heard to an increased audience.

They are responsible for “feed proofing”, which means the process of taking the brands’ ideas and making them work on mobile.

It focuses on four main areas, all aiming to improve the success of the video – Capture, Design, Frame and Play…


1. Capture attention quickly

Facebook suggests you place the brand and the product at the centre of the video, keeping the message simple and clear from the very first seconds.

This informs the audience what the video is about, and if it’s creative enough to grab their attention quickly, it makes them watch more of it.


2. Design for sound off

According to Facebook, 80% of videos are currently played without sound, which means that you cannot ignore this when creating a new branded video.

Instead of making customers turn the sound on, how about delivering your message through text?

Subtitles are better than nothing, but text overlays offer the best way to increase comprehension without a sound.


3. Frame your visual story

Cut extra footage from existing ads to reinforce the key message. Crop the video in square, pick the right frames and experiment with the best format that could be more appealing on Facebook.


4. Play more

Ian Crocombe’s main tip is to “be really playful” with Facebook videos. Don’t stop experimenting with new content, take a creative idea and play with it.

For example, how about starting your video with a question to spark curiosity?


Feed proofing is good, but it’s quite defensive. There’s also the need for a new creative approach when starting with mobile-first content.

It’s time to work with new story arcs…


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